Make it visible

A new store was opened for Memsi, and new issues and problems popped up. The store, facing east suffered from strong sunlight created two main problems: First, products placed near the window would be damaged from the heat and strong light ; Second, the high reflectivity of the glass reduced the visibility of the interior space.

The solution? I used the sunlight in favor by designing a non-reflective sticker showing the main product of the store. To make it interesting, angles and cutouts were created to draw the viewers attention. Above it, I designed a signage in the brand's bright yellow reflecting the light to be visible from afar. Also, a logo shaped lightbox for evening hours. 

Project: Commercial display
Client: Memsi
Language: Hebrew/ English
Media: Print
Year: 2014
Software: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
Skills: Concept & design

I'm Efry Eltahan. When I'm not busy creating designs or blogging, I can be found learning and researching, cooking something or just enjoying good food & wine. Come and say hi on Linkedin.