A call for a change

I got this booklet containing discounts for hotels, restaurants and attractions in destinations around europe. The original plan was to reprint it with some changes in the content. However, when I was carrying that booklet around, I couldn't help to be bothered not only by its unconvenient measures, but also by the fact that even for a single change this booklet would be reprinted. 

I came up with an idea to make it more comfortable to carry around and also to save print costs. The 32 pages A5 booklet would be now replaced with trifolds and 8-page parellel folds that are just about the same size as a boarding pass ticket and can easily be carried around with the membership card and other essential documents. 


Project: Carry-on benefits folds
Client: Memsi
Languages: Hebrew
Media: Print
Year: 2014
Software: Adobe Illustrator
Skills: Concept & design

I'm Efry Eltahan. When I'm not busy creating designs or blogging, I can be found learning and researching, cooking something or just enjoying good food & wine. Come and say hi on Linkedin.