Distinguish by fun

Travel agents get a lot of offers to their mailbox everyday. As I designed marketing mails on a regular basis, it was no secret for me that keeping a fresh and cohesive design plays an important role in their effectiveness. Every once in a while, the early bird offers just flooded in. At first, due to lack of time, these offers would be designed as the rest of the marketing mails but I knew I had to find a way to distinguish them - not just by copywriting and "stickers", but also visually. 

        For the early bird campaign, I wanted to create a fun, eye catching design for all the offers in various destinations. For this specific target audience, I chose to create a bird in the brand's colors that will stand out. More importantly, the design had to correspond with the client's need to deliver the marketing mails as soon as possible ( ...and sooner is better) with the flexibility to change it to various languages quickly. In other words, simple, fast & fun. 

Project: Early bird campaign
Client: Ofran
Languages: Hebrew, English, French, German, Swedish
Media:  Mail & Print
Year: 2015-2016
Software: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
Skills: Concept & design

I'm Efry Eltahan. When I'm not busy creating designs or blogging, I can be found learning and researching, cooking something or just enjoying good food & wine. Come and say hi on Linkedin.