A new concept

"sorry, who?" The need to respond repeatedly to this question was very annoying, especially when it came to a brand I made designs for. True, building up a known brand does not depend on design alone and requires a proper budget...and yet, a low budget solutions can always be found. 

Previous design of the plastic bag

When this request for new plastic bags came up, I decided this is the opportunity to visually tighten up the connection between the brand and the products.
After researching and sketching - I found myself talking and negotiating about microns (the unit represents the width of a plastic bag, and makes the difference whether it will hold the products until you get home)

Project: Conceptual shopping bag 
Client: Memsi
Language: Hebrew
Media: Print
Year: 2013
Software: Adobe Photoshop 
Skills: Concept & design

I'm Efry Eltahan. When I'm not busy creating designs or blogging, I can be found learning and researching, cooking something or just enjoying good food & wine. Come and say hi on Linkedin.