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My first chatbot part 2: Choosing a topic

After I learned some basics, I decided to challenge myself with creating a robot with a topic that I find more interesting.
For a first robot, I believe it gives the right amount of motivation and justification to put oneself in the shoes of the user.

Who doesn't like cookies?

I also like to make them. Sometimes I like to stick to the familiar and other times I feel like trying a new recipe. However, finding a good recipe takes time and patience and usually I think about it right before I wish to make them...
and sometimes I need to buy some ingredients right before the supermarket closes.

Turning a topic into a chatbot

When I think about a chatbot that will help me choose a good recipe for cookies, I think about 3 ways to do so:

  • I want those butter cookies! Show me a familiar recipe that I saved to my preferences.
  • Easy jam cookies Find me a new one based on a main ingredient , difficulty or preparation time.
  • Let's go experimental! Expose me to new tastes, intrigue me into trying new things. (I believe this option should show up without request)

Make it your best friend

I don't know about you, but I'm used to Google that knows my preferences, auto-completes me, and also tries to expose me to relevant content based on my queries and other data such as: geo-location, age and so on.

As this subject tends to be polemical, I will explain further briefly: I believe that nowadays there is a greater expectation towards effortless service from products and businesses.
We appreciate not having our time wasted.
When I call a business, I don't want to press a number from an infinite menu. I expect them to answer and say "oh, Hi Efry - do you wish to make the same order or you need something else?"
When I enter a website, I expect my needs to be one or two clicks away.

back to the bot...

Wouldn't it be great if the bot could show recipes based on your cultural background, current location, preferences or even allergies?

My best friends know I really like chocolate chips cookies and that I wouldn't eat anything with cinnamon. so why shouldn't the bot know that?

If you start thinking how to make a bot your best friend, you might come up with more creative ways to make it better, especially if it's a topic that is close to you.

Hold your cookies! Priorities first.

Even as I am writing this post, so many great ideas come in mind, like recipes based on festive days? or maybe a one to surprise a loved one/friend/collegue/?
oh, I could spend another hour just coming up with new ideas and features  🙂  As fun as it might be, I will save it for my sketchbook and guide you to the next step:

Start simple

Choose the main feature on which the chatbot will be based on, preferably a simple one.
I would choose in this case one that will show me a recipe for cookies based on keywords, but first will show me the list of ingredients.

In conclusion,

Grab your notebook, try to imagine how your first conversation with your chatbot might be. First impression is important, try to focus on the first one before thinking about the following ones.

Try to answer questions like: How will bot make my life better? how will the conversation begin? what tone will it have (friendly, professional)? Will it be an open conversation or option based one? how will it end? start building a flow of the conversation on a paper, see where it goes and think on how you can optimize it.

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