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Conversational Interfaces and chatbots – where to start?

According to Khari Johnson, "Facebook Messenger now has 11,000 chatbots for you to try". That was in June 2016. The number of chatbots is growing exponentially, even as we speak there might be a new born chatbot, or a few.

My inspiration to begin this journey is, launched in August 2016 and created by the cooperation of and Adrian Zumbrunnen.  It was the first time I've encountered a chatbot that is focused on enriching my knowledge in a subject that really interests me: User Experience, and it really does provide an effortless intriguing experience, which doubles the value to me.

I'm heading towards the bots world! There are already few dominating companies for creating chatbots. Along with you and possibly with a new chatbot that will join us, I start this intriguing journey.

As a starting point, i believe you will enjoy reading the following articles as a starting point:
1. Conversational UX News: Introducing The UX Bear
2. The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Chatbots

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