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And the winner is…

In 2016, there was an immense creations of chatbots, and the demand for them keeps growing. It is fascinating to see and as well to take part in this world of chatbots. There are so many interesting articles and probably a new one almost everyday it's hard to keep up, especially while trying to dig deeper and to create one.

One article that caught my attention lately is The 8 best chatbots of 2016 by Etienne Mérineau. I found this particular article interesting because he built a list of criteria by which the chatbots were evaluated:

  • Value-oriented concept (insight, usefulness, solving a unique problem)
  • Conversational UX (logic, content, overall experience)
  • Copywriting (personality, tone, manner)
  • Marketing (branding, promotion, discovery funnel)
  • Business model (monetization)
  • Results (number of users, value creation, engagement)

I believe that with this list, new standards have been set and it surely is one to follow.

My bot is better than yours

It seems there's a higher set of values for today's chatbots to be successful and the competition is growing and going to be rough. Of course, there's a more amusing and effortless to test a chatbot...


Some find this competition rather amusing and put 2 artificial intelligence to an endless "chicken fight". The last word is a live cast of a rather amusing and strange dialog of two chatbots Estragon and Vladimir two twitch channel. If the live cast is still on, you might find it here. Otherwise, even though it's running only for 2 days now, there are already videos on youtube you might want to watch.

Watch live video from seebotschat on www.twitch.tv

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