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My first chatbot part 1: Getting to know api.ai

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have chosen api.ai because it offers more options other than facebook. There are probably more platform that might offer the same, but since I got a good recommendation I felt no need to look further.

Getting started with api.ai

api.ai offers a getting started guide, well organized rich documentation and a supporting community in the forum.

Following the "Get started in 5 steps" manual, you'll be able create your own chatbot and enjoy testing on the same platform. Personally, I learn much better when following a video rather than a text manual (even when accompanied with and photos). Luckily, api.ai do offer them and they are quite clear. There are even videos of Google developers to help you get started. Highly recommended.

Is there a course online?

Well, searching for one myself I found one on Udemy's website. Take a look at this online course on by Jana Bergant - ChatBots: Messenger ChatBot with API.AI and Node.JS. Currently, this is the only one I found, and I can personally recommend taking this course, since it keeps being updated by Jana, who is also open to improvement suggestions and question and do her best to keep it up to date.

What's next?

My first impression after I overcame the initial confusion was "no way it's that easy". However, I had to create a new chatbot with a topic I find more interesting and face new challenges. I will talk about it in my next post.

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