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Here's how I create my conversational UI 

Join me in exploration journey of conversational interfaces and chatbots. In this blog I will share links to articles, tools and my experience throughout the process.

A journey to conversational interfaces and chatbots, #

December 15, 2016 - No Comments!

Do you remember Dr. Sbaitso?


or should I first ask, do you remember DOS?

Since I was a child, I've watched the development of computers. DOS was the only language we could communicate with the computer - but we learned even that to be able to play games in the computer.

I don't believe anyone would even bother to type anything in this black window with this blinking text-mark... (well, except IT managers and system workers who probably also grew up speaking DOS language).

My first encounter with Dr.Sbaitso

Growing up in the 90's had its magic. It was times when people actually met and spent time together. I went to my friend's house to see the new games she got, one of them was Dr.Sbaitso - not really a game, but for us as kids, it surely was.

It was my first encounter with an artificial intelligence software and I was so excited. Although its responses where in very digitized voice, we've had a lot of fun, at least in the first few times, until we realized the responses were quite repetitive.

most of its responses were along the lines of "WHY DO YOU FEEL THAT WAY?" rather than any sort of complicated interaction. When confronted with a phrase it could not understand, it would often reply with something such as "THAT'S NOT MY PROBLEM". Dr. Sbaitso repeated text out loud that was typed after the word "SAY". Repeated swearing or abusive behavior on the part of the user caused Dr. Sbaitso to "break down" in a "PARITY ERROR" before resetting itself. -Wikipedia

One of my "Really?!" moments

These are 2 interesting facts I just discovered in the Wiki page:

1.The name Dr. Sbaitso was an acronym for Sound Blaster Artificial Intelligent Text to Speech Operator

2. The program was designed to showcase the digitized voices the cards were able to produce, though the quality was far from lifelike.

Tell me about your problems

Meet Dr.Sbaitso online, no installation needed.

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Read more before start building conversational UI

Eager to know more about conversational UI, I searched for more resources online and found an insightful article written by Adrian Zumbrunnen, a UX designer and developer.
In his article Technical and social challenges of conversational design, Adrian shares his learning experience while making his website conversational. A must read article.

The future of conversational interfaces aren’t chat bubbles. It’s rich experiences that seamlessly embed and integrate 3rd party services and content into our everyday tools.

So let’s start thinking outside the rectangle, outside the grid and even… outside the bubble.

Reading this article gave me an insight about the process, and important points to consider while planning my next conversational UI. It's a great headstart for those who wish to experience and expertise in this field. It's much more than just a list of answers to questions.

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Conversational Interfaces and chatbots – where to start?

According to Khari Johnson, "Facebook Messenger now has 11,000 chatbots for you to try". That was in June 2016. The number of chatbots is growing exponentially, even as we speak there might be a new born chatbot, or a few.

My inspiration to begin this journey is, launched in August 2016 and created by the cooperation of and Adrian Zumbrunnen.  It was the first time I've encountered a chatbot that is focused on enriching my knowledge in a subject that really interests me: User Experience, and it really does provide an effortless intriguing experience, which doubles the value to me.

I'm heading towards the bots world! There are already few dominating companies for creating chatbots. Along with you and possibly with a new chatbot that will join us, I start this intriguing journey.

As a starting point, i believe you will enjoy reading the following articles as a starting point:
1. Conversational UX News: Introducing The UX Bear
2. The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Chatbots